About Melissa

{Image Credit: Natalie Zepp Photography}

I love my job. Plain and simple. So much so that it’s not even really a “job” to me but more of a passion that I’m blessed to dive into each and every day! I’ve been given such an overwhelmingly beautiful opportunity to capture amazing couples and their LOVE stories + happy families experiencing life changing moments all over the country.

One of the best things about being a photographer is the bonds that form between my clients and myself! It becomes more than just coffee shop meet-ups and long distance phone calls. We get to be friends. And all of those gorgeous photographs come with a fantastic experience!

Ace – the love of my life – has been with me since the beginning and has never ceased in giving his unfailing support. He’s my co-pilot, soulmate, a follower of Jesus, the perfect Daddy to our baby girl, and a pretty darn talented musician. Our daughter is the light of my world, and I couldn’t express with enough words how wonderful she is or how blessed I am to have them BOTH! They are the two halves of my heart.

It’s truly an incredible life. Details + genuine moments. LOVE stories + pure emotions. And all of it is so unique! Whether you’re eloping, planning an amazing wedding, going on a family adventure, or welcoming your new baby into your world…I’d love to be there with you when it happens!