Get ready for a super special story.

Sarah and Joshua’s wedding in downtown Pensacola at Apple Annie’s in Seville Quarter was really just another small portion of their love story. It’s SO amazing in fact that I enlisted the help of Sarah herself in writing this particular blog. I knew I just couldn’t do it perfect justice when all was said and done!

You’re going to hear about a journey spanning 15 years almost to the day as well as some amazing tips on wedding planning! She even gave some wonderful vendor advice and accolades!! So without waiting any further, here we go :) 

Sarah and Joshua met on November 9th in 2003 at a mutual friend’s birthday party. As Sarah tells it: “We became high school sweethearts and dated off and on throughout our four years of high school. Our lives took different paths, but we remained in contact over the years. We started dating again in January of 2017 and said, “I do,” on November 11th 2018 – nearly 15 years to the day of meeting!”

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Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Invitation Suite Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Invitation Suite

HOW Joshua popped the question is pretty incredible :)

Sarah: “Shortly after moving into our new home, Joshua stayed home from a party to finish building our chicken coop. When I arrived home, the chicken coop was finished and contained two new chickens. While I was excitedly examining the chickens, he told me that the kids needed to tell me something. When I turned around, he was on one knee and the kids were on the back porch holding posters that read, ‘Mommy, marry Joshua!’

He asked me to marry him and when I happily agreed, the kids turned their signs around for them to read, ‘Finally!’”

I asked what their favorite parts of the entire day was:

Sarah: “My absolute favorite part of our wedding day was the time spent doing the couples photos, which we did before the ceremony. Joshua and I got to admire each other and relish in the excitement and love of the day. Working with you was fun and relaxing, and felt very much like hanging out with a longtime friend. The anxious anticipation of the day disappeared as we were enveloped in the beauty of the moment. 

Joshua’s favorite part of the day was the first look. He loved the genuine excitement and surprise he felt while waiting to see his future wife.

They were BOTH surprised by how smoothly the day went: 

“Going into the day, we knew we were joining family members that didn’t get along, had several tight timelines, and vendors who were dropping off items in different locations at different times. Despite all of the potential issues, the day flowed effortlessly.”

But planning wasn’t without it’s obstacles and challenges…. Sarah told me “The biggest challenge we faced with planning the wedding was family related. When it comes to planning such a big and costly event, all the parties involved in some way can impact every choice made. 

When we decided to focus on the fact that our wedding was a day we were planning for ourselves, the choices of others became less impactful.”

This wedding made me fall in love with Seville Quarter for a wedding venue! Sarah and Joshua chose it mostly based on an internet search and liked the way it looked in photos.

“It looked pretty in pictures, and the pictures were the most important part for us! In all seriousness, the Seville Quarter popped up repeatedly in our search of venues at the beginning of our wedding planning. When we decided to look into it further, we did an internet search of images to see what it looked like from behind a variety of cameras. We liked the way it looked in pictures, so we decided to touch base with them and see if it fit our needs. 

Overall, the Seville Quarter has the architectural aspects we found appealing, the catering could be gluten free (a health related dietary restriction), and the Cajun styled food represented my Joshua and his family. As we learned about the venue and what it had to offer, it became very clear that it was a perfect fit for our vision and our budget.”

Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Apple Annies Reception Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Apple Annies Reception Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Apple Annies Reception Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Apple Annies Reception Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Apple Annies ReceptionDowntown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Apple Annies Reception Downtown Pensacola Florida Seville Quarter Wedding Apple Annies Reception Sparkler Exit

Something I adore most about Sarah is how genuine she is about her love for people and their gifts. She happily shared her experience with some of her vendors so that others can share in her joy! So from her own lips:

“Melody Weber was a phenomenal makeup artist! Not only is she truly gifted in choosing and applying the perfect makeup for you desired look and facial features, her deep knowledge of skin care leaves you feeling beautiful from beneath the makeup. 

Just Judy’s Flowers went above and beyond to help us. Not having any idea about floral arrangements or which flowers were in season, I provided them with a budget and pictures of what I dreamed of having. Rodney got back to me with suggestions of flowers within season and even ways to alter affordable flowers to get the look that I wanted within the set budget. The stress of picking the floral arrangements diminished as the only decisions I needed to make was which color I wanted each flower type to be. On our wedding day, Rodney personally delivered the arrangements with perfect timing. 

Oh Snap! Cupcakes did a stellar job on our cake. Due to health related dietary restrictions, our wedding cake needed to be gluten free. Ms. Lee’s gluten free cake is by far the most delicious gluten free baked good we have ever tasted! During our tasking, Ms. Lee was personable, professional, and clearly wanted to make sure our wedding cake dreams came true. She has a variety of options, from tiered cakes to cupcakes or a combination of them both! We experienced no stress when it came to working with her and having the exact cake we hoped for on our wedding day. 

P.S. We can’t wait for November 11, 2019 so we can eat the top tier of the cake!”


And their kind words towards my work plus the lasting friendship I’ve gained means the world to me!:

“t’s no coincidence that both of our favorite parts of the day revolves around photography related events! Your ability to capture the moments and turn them into memories is a gift! You were able to eloquently manage the family photos so that the awkward tensions didn’t have an opportunity to show. Not only did you give direction for the perfect shot, you praised and encouraged what we did naturally. 

Your words lifted us, and helped our inner beauty shine, which is evident in every photo. The life and emotion of the day is present in every photograph, which enables us to relive the moments with one glance. Melissa, your positivity and joy radiates and is contagious! There was never a moment in which we felt unheard, unseen, or unloved. You are an incredible photographer and beautiful soul.”  – Sarah & Joshua

Excuse me while I go have a little cry now. :) 


Getting ready location: Holiday Inn Express (Downtown Pensacola)

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Seville Quarter/Apple Annies

Makeup: Melody Weber

Cake: Oh Snap! Cupcakes

Grooms Suit: Don Alans

Florals: Just Judy’s Flowers