Emilee + John | Live Oak Plantation | Pensacola Florida Wedding Photographer

The first time I met Emilee + John was the day he proposed to her. BIG surprise! Incredible session! I unfortunately was not available for their wedding last year, but they asked me to come and hang out with them again for an “After Glow” session. Meaning they got all gussied up in their wedding duds one more time and I got to capture the exquisiteness in front of me :)

Live Oak Plantation TRULY never fails to disappoint in any aspect. The grounds are gorgeous, the owners are amazingly kind, and there’s so much to play with while shooting there. It really was the perfect backdrop for this Southern couple! Complete with the old timey truck we were allowed to use!

The owners of the venue had music playing the entire time we were there, and can you even believe that Emilee + John’s wedding song came on RIGHT as we were finishing the shoot?! Of course I encouraged them to have another first dance. And of course Emilee cried beautiful tears of joy!

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