“Can we bring our dog?” Is one of the best questions you can ask me when planning your session!! And lately I’ve had a slew of puppies in my engagement shoots. Amanda and Josh’s fur baby was one of my very faves though! We met up at Brew-Ha-Ha, which was the second request Amanda made of me :) She wanted to incorporate that stellar graffiti postcard wall celebrating Pensacola before we went to Fort Pickens!

Their pup is basically my spirit animal now. Look at her face!! She’s also as soft as she looks in the pics. Snuggle fest was a must.

While I could’ve stopped taking pics right after Brew-Ha-Ha (because this couple delivers the goods!), we went ahead with our plan to make it out to Fort Pickens and Pensacola Beach for sunset. Great textures and classic shots are the biggest win when it comes to the Fort!

While driving to the beach however, we had a bit of a hiccup. Flashing lights. Because Amanda had made a whoopsie of speeding down the Seashore. (Honestly she’s a tourist to the Seashore, so don’t judge her too harshly! She really did not realize the speed limit was so slow.) But what was kinda funny was how slightly more worried she was about missing sunset pics rather than the potential ticket itself! :) 

She was blessed to be sent away with a warning thankfully, and I’m glad to report the sunset photos were a success! We three are now uniquely bonded to say the least. Being pulled over with a client was a first for me. We were even laughing about it by the end of the session! Amanda + Josh are the realest of the real when it comes down to it, and I LOVE people like that! 

Can’t wait for more adventures at their wedding next year! But let’s leave out the flashing lights next time ;)