Wedding season for the Fall seems to be moving forward as planned! Let’s all keep those fingers and toes crossed that COVID keeps it’s nasty nose out of our biz ;) Lauren and Kyle’s wedding is one of those amazing events on the horizon, and we celebrated their engagement (FINALLY!) with a trip out to Fort Pickens on Pensacola Beach!

Y’all I know I’m a broken record, but it’s HOT as you know where down here in Florida. Yikes!! But every single session I do in the Summer I can’t help but marvel at my client’s determination to make the darn thing happen. And they succeed with creating perfectly unplanned beautiful moments! All the while sweating through their knickers. Haha!

Lauren + Kyle are yet another pair that just have a natural way about being together. Remember that’s the way it SHOULD BE. On our drive out to Fort Pickens, they tell me they’ve never had photos taken before. They “might need some help and guidance on what to do”.


For real from the first snap of my camera they were completely 100% amazing! Very little guidance was needed from me. And…well just take a look for yourself as you scroll on down. :)