I’ve known Beka for a few years now ever since I started going to Freedom Church! Funny enough while our personalities are quite similar, we didn’t really get to know one another until just recently. But my first real memory of her is when we prayed over her move to Haiti to be a missionary.

If you’ve ever done any mission work, you know that it is so incredibly rewarding! And this was a full-on move to a country where safety wasn’t always a guarantee. But the Lord called, and she answered!!

And wow did He have plans for her!

It was in Haiti – not too long after her move there – that she met Emmanuel. And it was online of all places! She explains it in a little more detail below in their post. Plus his proposal is just one for the books!!

Their wedding at Big Lagoon was just perfect! We had an amazing day full of overcast skies (which I do love) right up until sunset when God brought that glorious warm glow out for us to play with during Beka + Emmanuel’s portraits together!

Fun fact: Beka was originally not going to ask me to capture their day. WHY?? Because she thought I was simply out of their budget. NOPE. And I’m so glad our mutual friends told her to give me a call, because I can’t imagine missing out on this wedding day! Just goes to show that you never know until you ask ;)

Read on for more sweet deets on Beka + Emmanuel’s best day ever!

-What was your absolute favorite part of the day? Does your spouse have a different favorite?
“My favorite part of the day was seeing him cry as I walked down the aisle. I always thought that meant you were so loved and desired and I could see the passion in his eyes and tears. His favorite part was seeing his dad having fun dancing with me and hearing the speeches of our friends and family.” 

-How did you two meet/How long have you been together?
“Emmanuel and I met online after I saw a photo of him on a page for Haiti expats and missionaries. He was looking for work. I thought he was cute and sent him a friend request. We talked a few times then he called me and we talked for 8 hours. The rest is history.”

-How did he pop the question?
“Our proposal was nothing like he planned. He planned a day at the beach, my friends helped secretly pack my clothes and makeup, he got a camera, had t shirts made and a big romantic plan. Then my friend’s car broke down, I got upset with him for being late, we ended up skipping the beach and just going to my friend’s house but he had already worked up the nerve so he literally asked me on a Facebook post and went outside and waited on one knee until I saw he made a post. read it and ran outside to find him. It wasn’t as planned but it was beautiful and real and perfect.”

-What surprised you about your wedding day?
“I was surprised by how fast it went! It was like a blink and it was over.” 

-What was the biggest challenge you faced in planning your wedding?
“The biggest challenge planning the wedding was MONEY! I just left the mission field where I worked totally as a volunteer. He just immigrated to the states. I had a dream wedding and no real budget but God and friends and family made it work and I believe we pulled off a gorgeous wedding on a shoestring budget.” 

-What photography-related advice would you offer to other couples?
“Photography related advice would be if you are shy or feel uncomfortable taking photos- let it ALL the way go! You are the star today. You look like a star. You are glowing with love. Just let it shine!!!” 

-What advice would you offer to other couples planning a wedding?
“For couples planning a wedding – everyone is gonna tell you to just enjoy the moment and don’t stress and honestly that’s most likely not possible and can be annoying. When people say that tell them how they can help relieve your stress! Get some help with decorations. Let friends do some errands with you. Delegate what you can. Spread the stress 😁”

Photo: Melissa Wilson Photography
Video: JD Cobb Productions
Venue: Big Lagoon State Park